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3- High Laundry Basket Organizer

  • Handmade
  • Materials: Wood
  • Height: 44 inches

Laundry Basket Organizer. Great for laundry, child toys, pet toys, useful for organizing garage or basement items, etc. many endless uses!

Made from extra thick heavy duty solid pine from a local sawmill right here in Wisconsin. Real Pine wood gives the quality and uniqueness of knots, and colored wood grains!

Rollers when added are locking, silent rubberized style rated for 300 lbs.

Unit Comes Natural wood color. I can include staining with the color of your choice for an additional cost. See minwax colors available below.

The storage rack fits (3) two bushel laundry baskets 18 5/8- 18 7/8 inches wide by 26 to 27 inches long and up to 13 inches deep. Can adjust size to fit your basket. Sterilite brand works well. Baskets not included, can be purchased at Walmart, Amazon, and most big box stores. 2, 4, and 5 High Basket holders also available. (See below)

Unit measures 20 1/2 inches wide by 27 inches deep, 45 inches high.

Add Top Rack $229.00 Free Shipping.

Add Top Rack and Rollers $279.00 Free Shipping.

Add Top Rack and Sides $329.00 Free Shipping.

Deluxe Model - Includes Top Rack, Sides and Rollers for a total of

$369.00. Free Shipping.

4 High Standard total of $219.00. Free Shipping. (Approx. height 58 inches)

4 High with Top Rack $279.00Free Shipping.

4 High with Top Rack and Rollers $329.00Free Shipping.

4 High Top Rack and Sides $399.00. Free Shipping.

4 High Deluxe Model - Includes Top Rack, Sides, and Rollers $459.00. Free Shipping.

5 High with Top Rack 339.00. Free Shipping. (Approx. height 71 inches)

5 High with Top Rack and Rollers $389.00. Free Shipping.

3 High 1.5 Bushel Square laundry basket holder. Fits a 19 x 19-inch basket. Includes Top Rack. Approximate height 47 inches. $229.00 Free


3 High 1.5 Bushel Top Rack and Rollers 269.00. Free Shipping.

2 High w/ Top $189.00. Free Shipping. (Approx height 32 inches)

2 High Top & Rollers $239.00. Free Shipping.

6 Double wide Deluxe. Includes Rollers, Top Shelf, and Sides. Last picture. $729.00 Free Shipping. Can be stained for $225.00. Need a long side pullout? Just ask.

Stain colors available:

Simply White

Phantom grey

Golden Oak

Aged barrel

Sedona Red






Staining is an additional $125.00.

I will send you a custom invoice for the staining. Or I can take Venmo payment also. Please message me the color you wish to have applied.

Assembly required on shipping orders. Easy assembly with a Phillips cordless drill or screwdriver. All items are completely assembled and then disassembled for packaging and shipping. All pilot holes will be in exact placement when re assembling.

Ships free within United States. Hawaii and Alaska add an additional $65.00.

Canada minimum $80.00 and higher depending on location.

Basket Side pull outs available in all models. Just ask!

Pay by Venmo and receive 5% discount off total amount.

CUSTOM ORDERS and sizes available. Just let me know what you need!